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  • Metal Network Korea Company : Monthly Journal News of Metal Network Korea : MoonHwa Ra-08507(ISSN 1599-4643)
    Monthly Journal of Metal Network Korea: MoonHwa Ra-08507(ISSN 1599-4643)
    The Korea is established with the 1992 the monthly magazine company which publishes the magazine of 3 type and (Monthly publication [Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] & monthly publication [Production Processing Technique] and Monthly publication [Fastener & Wire journal]).
    The Metal Network Korea Company published the monthly[Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] Magazine joint of 1992 Japan the monthly magazine "Foundry, Forging and heat treatment Korea".

    With 1992 magazine publishes, it sponsor 1993 year Foundry, Forging and heat treatment exhibition initially the organizer. Starts a 2000 year, New expo name Thermo Process and Metal, Metallurgy Korea Exhibition(International Heat treatment Technology, Refractory, Furnace, Surface Finishing and metal, Foundry, Forging and Nonmetal, Diecasing Industry Equipment Exhibition)
    Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly(Number Seoul Ra-11997/ISSN 2005-3061)
    Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly become lighthouse of the shipbuilding, marine, port, physical distribution.
    Marine and Shipbuilding Monthly(Number Seoul Ra-11997/ISSN 2005-3061) is a shipbuilding and marine area professional media providng report of a shipbuilding, marine, ports, logistics, shipbuilding equipment, navigation equipment, distributed control systems, fluid control equipment, fluid BUS, measurement systems, underwater ultrasonic probe system, marine robot, marine instrumentation, control systems and shipbuilding. Maritime-related measurement equipment, DCS(Distributed Control System), PLC, Scarsdale's system, control, measurement solutions, field bus, the central gamsiban, instrumentation systems, industrial controllers, control devices field and Technical data, business information, industry trends, new Technology.
    Leads korea marine and shipbuilding into globalization.
    Welding Korea for Monthly Journal News(Seoul Ra-11897/ISSN 2005-3339)
    The monthly journal of welding welding machine, welding equipment, welding and cutting automation equipment, laser equipment, welding rod and wire, Tungsten Electrodes, Silver Brazing Alloys, welding industry sectors, such as soldering wire is a specialized magazine.
    Monthly Welding Journal ① Welded areas: welding, welding materials, accessories, welding, automation, and related equipment, etc. ② Cut Interest: Freeze Matthew cutters, mechanical cutters, water jet cutting machines, torches, etc. ③ laser fields: laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking and laser-related peripherals, such as shipbuilding ④. Ocean. Port-related ⑤ metal material, metal material welding ⑥. cutting. Laser Equipment Industrial Machinery. 09. facility covering such articles, and technical resources, company information, industry identification, new product. technology , NEWS magazine and is published with the contents.
    The 2nd Welding Incheon Korea 2011[Nov.2-5, 2011(4 Days)]
    Come to the New Welding Market in the Northeast Asia , the center of Pacific region!
    Do you want to be a leading player in Korean Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments markets?
    Take the chance in "The 2nd International Welding, Cutting & Laser Equipments Industrial Exhibition Incheon Korea" (iWELDEX 2011)
    Incheon Korea province are traditionally the center of automobile, iron & steel, Metal Working, Assembly Metal, ship, harbor and construction industries and have a heavy weight in Korean economy.
    The 6ht Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo Process Korea 2011 [Nov.2-5, 2011(4 Days)]
    Come to the New Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo process Market in the Northeast Asia, the center of Pacific region!
    Do you need company Advertisement Against these Difficult Market situation?
    You are kindly requested to join this specialized, Internationalized & Information Age Exhibition “The 6th Thermo Process & Metal+Metallurgy Expo Korea 2011” For your Market promotion & Advertisement.
    The Monthly Magazine "Metal Network Korea" has been acted a powerful role for the seeking leader as professionalized, Information age, and 3-D industrialized Metal Industry nowadays.
    Metal Network Korea Company is With the machine where the production is impossible from Foreign - the metal field research institute rain the Hardness Tester(Micro, Vickers, Rockwell, Brinell Hardness Tester) and The Hand Held Digital Hardness tester and Portable Digital Ultrasonic thickness Gage the product of quality of the company in Foreign the mountain method which the OEM China production it leads from trade enterprise section and most at the lowest price standing it supplies.
       MHV-2000 Micro Vickers hardness Tester
    MHV-2000S Digital Micro hardness Tester is a hi-tech product to merge optics, machinery and electricity into an organic whole. This instrument is new and beautiful in modelling, and has fine reliablity, operability and visibity, being the upgrade and update product.
       HVS-10 Low Load Vickers hardness Tester
  • HVS-10/50 Low Load Vickers Hardness Tester with Digital Display is a new hi-tech product integrating mechanical and photoelectrical technologies. As a substitute of traditional small-load Vicker’s hardness tester, it features in easy operation and good reliability.
  •    HRS-150 Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • The Model HRS-150 digital Rockwell hardness tester is an organic whole of mechanical and electrical hardness testing instrument, with its novel appearance, directly obseverd digital display device and micro-computer control lifting.
  •    HBS-3000 Digital Brinell hardness tester
    HBS-3000 digital Brinell hardness tester is organic whole of optical, mechanical and Digital hardness testing instrument, with exact mechanical structure, Micom control whole loading & unloading closed loop system.
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    Nov. 4~7(4 day), 2009

    metalnetwork-korea Company: Metal Network Korea Company
    Add: E-Space 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong Guro-Gu, Seoul, Korea 152-053
    TEL: +82-2-3281-5037         FAX: +82-2-3281-0280
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