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1992 years Metal Network Korea Copany led and the since then monthly publication which the silks and satins launches trillion which is July machine - a metal field specialty medium and heat treatment technique[production processing technique],
Monthly publication [Fastener & Wire journal] the back 10 years between only to walk the only road of the machine - metal field, they came. At domestic base industrial minute specialty ci with in the machine - metal industrial field it contributed in development and it came.

The Metal Network Korea Copany Metal Network Korea domestic crawls as the medium enterprise and department and the internet enterprise department and the trade enterprise department.
it provides information and the data which are various in metal industrial field and from the medium enterprise department the machine - metal field synthesis specialty magazine monthly publication [Metal Network Korea] with the metal which is a publication and a machine - a metal field almanac - machine - tool superintendence Korea Industry Furnace & Induction Furnace superintendence,
Welding field almanac Korean welding industrial superintendence, the Bolt, the Nut and Spring field Fastener & Wire superintendence and book Industry Furnace & it publishes the Induction Furnace practical application technical back.

Also from the internet enterprise department the machine - metal field specialty search engine metal Network Korea.
Shopping the specialty search engine business line which will drive and magazine field specialty search engine domestic magazine information the other intention which it counts the operation and home page construction and shopping the construction which will drive. program development back IP/CP.

With the machine where the production is impossible from domestic - the metal field research institute rain the longitude tester and the supersonic waves thick meter back the product of quality of the company in domestic the mountain method which the OEM China production it leads from trade enterprise section and most at the lowest price standing it supplies.
China Shanghai Products Line of Metal Network Korea Company
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