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Metal Network Korea Company Advertisement week and the individual and it gives a thanks in internet member visitor everybody.
Monthly Metal Network Korea by individual everybody is providing a growth.

15 years between automation (F.A) as the field specialty engineer medium of metal field the publication flaw force throws away all things of the specialty field which is a uncontrollable automation in proposal and the rain cyen is not visible the medium of the metal which - metallurgy field it makes force uncontrollable selection the cold region, it followed the river of the hour when the time when 11 years are does not stop and hul less it went with the flowing water together.

1992 years July metal field metal field specialty acquaintance monthly publication [Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] it launched and brewing, monotone, depending on it finished the best sometimes from heat treatment and nonferrous metal industrial field. In but metal industry it published during that time difficult circumstance and the medium of the back with the metal four Korea base which will burn and the monthly publication which comes [Foundry, Forging and heat treatment] with base 1998 years the monthly publication which launches [Fastener & wire journal], the monthly publication which launches at 1996 years [production processing technique] the machine the metal field specialty search gun a new jump with the machine metal field synthesis medium 2000 years May monthly publication [Metal Net Korea] with it integrated it prepared.

The machine-metal field specialty search gun with metal four Korea which will burn it joins in and monthly publication [Metal Network Korea] with printing medium the integrated cold region which tus 3 year th Vol-3 mac below it is. For the development of that period this newspaper it conveys the mind of thanks in everybodys who engage to the metal field to send the ungrudging member. Also in difficult environment inside for the continuous publication of the this newspaper monthly publication [Metal Network Korea] it gives the advertisement week to public an advertisement and a periodical subscription thanks individual.

Metal Network Korea Company monthly publication [Metal Network Korea] from without it changes at as many as 2002 years for the development of the machine - metal industrial field collection of data of the machine - metal industrial field the foot which tries to lead it will provide quick information and a technical data, the industry sympathy and a statistical data and it will contribute it will sleep and it will endeavor in competitive power of the enterprise and.

Specially, the since then 2002 year damage from cold weather which founds the branch office in 1996 year China prepared the bridgehead of large China which surfaces with WTO joining and as the domestic machine - the window of Chinese advance of the metal enterprise September 17th Metal China 2002 it led and the market it will be able to provide a large-scale public information marketing and the Chinese market trend of various Channel it opened.

To join in and information of the wide machine - metal field in the individual information provision which the existing machine - metal field specialty search engine synthesis site is various about the currency the width which it sees to provide, metal Korea five four ( It leads, for an overseas competitive power reinforcement English web service and simultaneously metal four difference B five khem ( Will lead and it is a plan which will provide a compound sentence service. Metal four Korea will give and for the lot of the wind important position fortune life which it sees also for a different tomorrow in the features inside which finishes the best at position hour monthly publication [Metal Net Korea] the staff which is more will not grudge the effort which is constant.

Monthly publication [Metal Network Korea] the all the members of the staff which is Metal Network Korea.
Representative director Kim hung bok
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