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COMPANYMetal Network Korea Copany
ADDE-Space No. 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, 152-053 Korea
Tel02-3281-5037       FAX: 02-3281-0280
ݼŻŻڸ Comapny Name: Metal Network Korea Company
Add: E-Space No. 310, #212-26, Guro-3Dong, Guro-Gu, Seoul, 152-053 Korea
Korea Head Office/ Tel: +82-2-3281-5037         Fax: +82-2-3281-0280
China Shanghai Office/ TEL:+86-21-6402-6190      FAX:+86-21-6402-8912
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