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  Present Page || HOME   USTM-600 Digital Ultrasonic thickness Gage
   MODEL: USTM-600 Digital Ultrasonic thickness Gage
  • USTM-600 Ultrasonic Thickness Gage provides accurate thickness measurements based on the sound propagation velocity in a material.

  • The new USTM-600 uses the most advanced microprocessor and ultrasonics technology to offer thickness test users many outstanding features.

  • The package comes with main tester, a standard PT-5 probe, operation manual, a carrying case, a can of couplant, a floppy diskette containing software that enables communication between the gauge and a PC, a calibration block (3.0mm on the mail processor) and a RS-232 serial transfer cable.

    Functions: Image_ZOOM
  • More than 20-years developed/improved product with well produced gage and components.
  • The microprocessor allows fast data acquisition and analysis.
  • The alphanumerical touch pad permits convenient adjustments to the system and testing parameters.
  • The RS-232 serial communication port can be connected to computers for further data manipulation, analysis, and organization.
  • This new tester features a wide measuring range, high accuracy, portability, ease of operation, low power consumption, and convenient data display.
  • Advanced back-light technology makes this tester the best one
  • well made, well priced and well performed!
  • USTM-600 Specification
    01Measuring method Ultrasonic Pulse Echo
    02Measuring frequency 5MHz
    03Measuring range 1.2 - 300 mm (or 0.04 inch - 11.8 inch ) (for steel)
    04Accuracy +/- (0.5% H + 0.1) mm
    05Sound Velocity Range 1, 000 - 9,999 m/s (or 39.37 to 393.70 in/ms)
    06Memory capacity 120 test values
    07Display Mode 4 digit LCD display with advanced back-light technology (Color: Blue-Light)
    Low battery indicator
    Automatic power-off after being idle for 3 minutes
    08Resolution 0.1 mm or 0.004 inch
    09CommunicationRS-232 port allows serial communication with a computer (software included)
    10Working temperature - 10C ~ + 45C
    11Power supply Consumer type 2 AA alkaline batteries (2 X 1.5V)
    12Dimension 135 mm X 70 mm X 30 mm (5.3 in X 2.7 in X 1.2 in)
    13Weight 188g (main unit); 50g (probe)
    USTM-600 Standard Package List
    01USTM-600 main processor1
    02Probe PT-5(-10~60)1
    034X1.5V AA alkaline batteries 2
    04Operation manual 1
    05DOS Data Transfer Software1
    06Connection cables to PC 1
    07Carrying Case 1
    USTM-600 Optional Accessories
    NOModel SpecificationPhoto
    01PT-5 Probe1.0~300mm(-10~60) Image_ZOOM
    02XT-5 Probe0.8~50mm(-10~60)
    03GT-5 Probe4.0~60mm(-10~300)
    04CT-5 Probe5.0~300mm(-10~60)
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